Eloy Police Department

Eloy PD
Eloy Police Department
630 N. Main Street
Eloy, AZ 85231
Phone: 520-466-7324

Impound Fee Schedule
Click Here for The City of Eloy Vehicle Impound Information & Fee Schedule
Administration Fee: $150.00 / Pay to The City of Eloy Police Dept. by Cash Only
Tow Charge: $35.00 + $3.00 per/mile Storage Charge: $15.00 per/day

Additional Information
Call 520-466-7324 to request a hearing.
Hearings are by appointment only and must be requested within 10 days of vehicle impoundment.
Administration Fee is Payable to- The City of Eloy Police Dept. CASH ONLY
If you require assistance at impound yard after 5pm you will be charged a Gate Fee of $25.00
Tow Charge, Storage Charge and Gate Fee are payable to Eddies Towing
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